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Excuses Excuses

Now that you read my last blog "More Than Muscle" let’s talk about a subject/topic also relatable. "Making Excuses."


Excuses can effect you from forward progress. As a matter of fact, accepting that excuse leads to acceptance of another and another. What you are doing here is, creating a situation that becomes common and concrete. This makes it almost impossible to change once the excuses start piling up.

Here are some examples of excuses.

  1. I can’t because I don’t have time.

  2. I’ll start next month.

  3. I’m too tired.


As the excuses pile up, you become lazy and more out of shape. This ultimately leads to major challenges when introducing exercise.

subsequently this can cause major injuries even activate or reactivate a condition or previous condition. Let me give you some advice.

Hints and Tips

  • Plan ahead of time what needs to be accomplished throughout the week.

  • Wake up 1 hour earlier to squeeze in time for a workout or exercise session.

  • Start preparing healthier meals and snacks that you can take with you to work.

  • Change your mindset and think positive whenever a negative thought appears.

  • Take your time, things that are done fast do not usually have the best results.

Do you have kids who watch cartoons. Maybe you don’t and enjoy watching cartoons anyway. Are you one of those people? I admit, there’s something about Saturday mornings still that give me a chance to channel my inner child given the opportunity to relax and watch cartoons. There’s a show called Ninjargo. A LEGO’s based show you probably heard of or probably even seen before. This show is about 4 kids who were chosen to inherit special abilities from there’s ancestors. Sort of like "The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers." Well, sometimes these young teenage lego kids with extreme power would procrastinate. Like most ninjas/students, they had a teacher. His name was "Sensei Wu." Sensei Wu would always respond to his 4 students whom would often procrastinate with a quote of his. This quote not only applied to his 4 students but, to many of us who make excuses daily that unfortunately guides us to procrastination. Without further ado this is what Sensei Wu would say.

"Sensei Wu."

I believe this to be true. I’m sure most, if not all of you who are reading this, would agree. Why should we put off until tomorrow when we could do it today. Sure I get it, time is fast and we are always on the go. If we could buy time, as a society we wouldn’t hesitate to empty out our wallets. This reality should not keep us from accomplishing our tasks and goals that will advance us to a better life. We must harness and overcome these excuses. Buckle down and rearrange our schedule. Time manage and sacrifice. Your health is most important. Stop making excuses excuses today. Lead by example and start making a difference in every aspect of your life.

By: Stephen Lovett

"Soar Above The Rest"

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