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Thinking About Quitting

The first thing you want to ask yourself, is why? Why do you, want to quit in the first place?

I’m making a point not to quit something just because it’s hard. If it is something leading you in the right direction you should continue. Look at the overall picture. What is the benefit of you quitting? Absolutely nothing. What is the benefit of you continuing? Virtually everything.


The test of time will challenge your thirst for success. It works both ways. Either the test of time, will ware on you making you less motivated or, the test of time will have you on a quest to become more success driven. The choice is yours to make the best decision possible. Your future is bright if you keep on going. The Egyptians and Syrians took forever making sculptures that everyone now travels to see. Those sculptures have a place in the history books. Do you think when the Egyptians and Syrians first started making sculptures that they were perfect? Not at all. That did not stop them from continuing to learn how to create something we can refer to this day as a masterpiece. The point is not to quit when purpose is involved. You may not visualize it yet but, you will as time unfolds.


In a nut shell people may not see your vision as you do and when that happens, do not get discouraged. Don’t quit, instead keep building and slowly keep things in motion. Make all the right moves. Along the way you may struggle. There will be many tests. Some you will pass and some you will fail. Know this, one advantage of passing is you know what works. One advantage from failing is you know what doesn’t. Apply what you have learned from both scenarios and see how much further you climb to the next chapter of growth.

By: Stephen Lovett

Soar Above The Rest

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