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Keep Going! Fighting Depression.

We have all been here before. In fact some of us are still fighting this illness to this day. Depression effects everything around you and sometimes it seems virtually impossible, to keep a positive outlook of where your life is headed knowing that this feeling exists. You may become hermit crab, living in a shell. Not excited to do anything. Just completely out of it every single day. You may not want to be bothered with the likes of anyone including even some close family members or friends.

Let me introduce you to something you might already know but, need to hear it from someone like myself. Trust me it is not easy to say, no matter what or whom caused you to feel like you can’t go on. This feeling is a big emotional thought, that can be redirected and changed. It all starts with your thinking process. The way you view and scope the issue or issues that you are facing.

The turn of events starts with you and the sooner you completely understand that the easier it becomes to grasp. One step at a time. Remember everything that was built was not built in a day. Life is filled with test’s that never end. No need to become overwhelmed. Their is much reward with passing each test.

Happiness is key and needed for you to keep going throughout life.

• Start paying attention and valuing what you have instead of what you do not have.

• Block out the unwanted stress and negativity.

• Concentrate on things that will bring you joy.

• Do not let anyone dictate what you can and cannot do be your authentic self.

• Know that nothing lasts forever, including depression.


If you or someone you know has this problem fighting depression help. No one successful person, did it all by themselves. Everyone needs help.


Having a partner holding you accountable goes a very long way and will help with the progression of moving in a positive direction is one of the many options.

By: Stephen Lovett

"Soar Above The Rest"

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