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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

First, I wrote about More Than Muscle. Then it rolled into Excuses Excuses. Now, this topic is about Sacrifice. These three subjects are all related to one another. If you haven’t read More Than Muscle and Excuses Excuses I highly recommend doing so. They are both a great read to grasp the understanding on how we lead up to discussing sacrifice.

Sacrificing usually means giving up something. It’s human to think we are sacrificing something that we love. Honestly that does not need to necessarily happen. Rearranging your schedule does need to happen along with the willingness to do so. Sometimes it’s hard to change our routine but, little by little practicing this scope of change will become the new routine we follow.

The first thing is to recognize what needs to be changed, rearranged, no longer of importance or sacrificed. Once determined, the process becomes clearer. Second, fill in that goal you want to accomplish in that area of time you set aside or rearranged your schedule especially for. Third, be consistent with completing your goal and your new arrangement. Making that adjustment, knowing what needs to be changed and consistency is your keys to success.

Incorporating those adjustments can be challenging to get a custom to. Like everything in life repetition is key. The more it’s done over and over again, the easier the adjustment becomes.

This is when you will see the most improvements in your life. This brings fourth more confidence, most importantly better health and happiness.

By: Stephen Lovett

"Soar Above The Rest"

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