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More Than Muscle

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Health is more than muscle. It’s way more than meets the eye. We focus so much on the exterior portion of our bodies, that we forget the most important aspect. That aspect is, focusing on the internal portion of our bodies.

Have you ever heard the term "Health is Wealth”? Well, that’s a fact, and applying that to our lives means we care about our well being. In the grand scheme of things, it starts with us. So let’s dive right In.



Ever notice someone that you idolize? Chances are they have a nice body. Whether they are famous or not, people look up to those who have nice bodies and in fact, try to mimic the person they idolize. We do it all the time. Just because that person has a body like God or Goddess, doesn’t mean they are internally healthy. You would be absolutely shocked, what some people sacrifice to get that body.

It’s not all peaches keen ladies and gentleman. Things are not always what it seems. I suggest making achievable goals for yourself. Have fun creating, working, meeting the goals you set and then reaping the rewards of all your achievements. But, don’t stop there, set other goals. This cycle must continue.


I’ve noticed, It’s not really that you want that exact body you idolize so much. It’s more like, your just not exactly happy with yours. So let’s change that.


Shift your focus on what’s more important. If I asked you this question. What’s more important and that you can only choose 1 out of the 2, would you choose your overall health, or a body like a God or Goddess? What will it be? I would hope you chose your overall health. You only have one life to live and you want to make the most of it. By controlling what you consume, along with putting forth the effort to become more accountable, will defiantly put you on the right track of achieving your internal health goals. Now let’s move on.


The Goal

Meeting your health goals matter more than anything. By doing so this will improve many variations of your life. These variations will bring fourth more:

  • Happiness

  • Energy

  • Better sleep

  • Overall confidence

  • Smarter decision making

  • Brain Function

  • Heart Health

  • Kidney Repair

  • Inflammation and Swelling

  • Blood Flow


There’s a long line of benefits and they are endless. By taking care of yourself you should also encourage your love ones to do the same. Both family and friends. Even people you work with daily, who seek a helping hand. Once everyone notices all the positive changes, they will come to you for advice. So be ready, as you will be bombarded with questions.


Say you do any form of exercise and don’t take the necessary steps it requires to become more healthy internally. You might as well stop. The goals that you seek weather it’s to look like a God or Goddess, or just to be overall healthy, will be a waste of your time. In order to see significant change, you must combine exercise with better eating habits.

The flip side of that is, if you eat better and change your eating habits. Without even exercising, you will notice change. I still encourage doing both exercising and eating right. The change is that much more when applying both. Take it step by step. There is more than muscle. Now go and work towards your better self and remember too

By: Stephen Lovett

"Soar Above The Rest"

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